Welcome to iConnect

  iConnect is a fully-licensed and independent new-age telecommunications service provider, focused on the turnkey provisioning, support, maintenance and management of fully integrated communications solutions and services, that meet the exacting demands of business in today’s “connected” world.

Strongly positioned at the forefront of the international trend that has blurred the distinction between traditional fixed-line and cellular telephone systems, information technology infrastructure and internet connectivity, iConnect addresses the convergence of voice, data and internet access through an IP (Internet Protocol) enabled network, that helps to guarantee cost savings and greatly enhance the quality, reliability and performance of all local, regional, national and international communications.

Customer Service
iConnect’s voice solutions, feature full upstream and downstream redundancy, to ensure continuous availability of carrier-grade quality across all call types at the lowest possible cost. Voice solutions are fully supported by active, real-time remote monitoring across a minimum of eight parameters on a 24/7 basis to provide 99.99% service availability.

A fully integrated back office, which also features individualised technical support and customer service, is provided through a team of dedicated technical specialists.