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iConnect offers you peace of mind that your business activities will not be disrupted by network downtime. We are different because we provide internet connectivity that eliminates the hassle of “traffic congestion” for your business. This means faster, more reliable connectivity and, more importantly, peace of mind.

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How the Pieces of the Puzzle Work for You


While Todd does his business, iConnect has him covered 24/7 with proactive monitoring, support, if he needs it, and the assurance that his lines of communication are constantly at the best level of quality they can be.

iConnect does not even have to be in the room.

With the use of remote access, any issues can be flagged and resolved right away. He can also access a variety of call records reports, so he can see what plans work for him the best, economically.

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Todd has a Virtual private Network working for him. He can view his Pastel from anywhere thanks to iConnect virtual server environment and he also has the economical and efficient support of Office 365, which allows him to collaborate, wherever he is ,and on whichever device he is using, via email or conferencing with access to the most up-to-date documents he might need.
Their flexible internet solution is secure and scalable so it allows them to provide Todd with additions to his system, rapidly, and with absolutely no maintenance cost for physical hardware. Genius!
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iConnect also gives Todd a mobile solution which covers his phone calls and mobile data.
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iConnect has equipped Todd with comprehensive desktop hardware and software for all his employees. Todd has a piece of mind knowing that iConnect will manage all upgrades and support required.
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Best of all, Todd does not have to worry about fiddling with a PBX unit at his business, because iConnect has their own, virtual solution. Regardless of the size of his business, Todd can use iConnect PBX to host multiple branches and connect him to their single, cloud-based PBX.
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Todd is safely in the cloud. He can access e-mail via the internet wherever he is and also make use of iConnect video conferencing platform, so essentially he can have a meeting wherever and whenever. He can also remotely gain access to important information he might need, keeping his business functional while on-the-go. So convenient.

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