The system is reliable and user-friendly, the softphone application is a further cost saving with cellular call costs which is convenient for employees on the road.   David DesousaStore Operator Buco www.buco.co.za

Connectivity into the Next Decade

Connectivity into the Next Decade CEOs in South Africa and globally are spending time and energy thinking about advancements in connectivity for their businesses. They recognise it as the enabling force behind the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” otherwise known as, “The Digital Age”. They understand that without great connectivity, all digital platforms and business strategies are… Continue reading Connectivity into the Next Decade

Voice: Here to grow and stay

Easier to leave a voice note It’s easier to pick up a phone than to type a message to someone. Without the personal connection provided by voice-to-voice interaction, business relationships would wilt. Think of those times when you just can’t face drafting another mail or typing another message. Essential to businesses Despite the huge range… Continue reading Voice: Here to grow and stay

Why SA CEOs should get with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) will play a big role in the way forward IoT and the Connectivity, amongst other technologies, will start playing big roles in the way forward. Soon “Smart” offices, cities, health, sports facilities and other “smart” possibilities, that have not yet even been contemplated, will become the norm. Leveraging IoT Yet most… Continue reading Why SA CEOs should get with IoT

Going Robotic – is it time?

Is it too soon to consider robotics for your business? If you know robotics are the future but can’t visualise yet how a robot could improve your business, you’re not alone.  Especially since most of us aren’t in the business of a) tracking life on the ocean floor; b) search operations or c) homing in on… Continue reading Going Robotic – is it time?

Buco Brackenfell Case Study

Region: Western CapeIndustry: Retail / HardwareNumber of users: 25Year installed: 2018 Business Problem Buco Brackenfell had an old outdated PABX system with high line rentals and call costs. They also needed wireless connectivity.   iConnect Solution iConnect installed a 5 Mbps microwave link with wireless access points. The Voice solution we provided enables Buco to… Continue reading Buco Brackenfell Case Study

S.A. Greetings Case Study

Region: GautengIndustry: ManufacturingNumber of users: 500 – 550Year installed: 2017 Business Problem S.A. Greetings was opening a new store and needed quick deployment. They employ over 500 people across all provinces in South Africa and is constantly growing and opening new stores under the Cardies brand. The business challenge was to ensure that when a… Continue reading S.A. Greetings Case Study

Ekima Africa Travel Case Study

Region: Western CapeIndustry: TourismNumber of users: N/AYear installed: 2017 Business Problem Ekima Afrika Travel needed to rapidly switch from ADSL to fibre connectivity as their need for higher bandwidth was growing considerably. Unfortunately, their office building was not fibre-ready yet. iConnect Solution iConnect temporarily installed a high bandwidth microwave system in the building. This enabled… Continue reading Ekima Africa Travel Case Study

God TV Africa Case Study

Region: Western CapeIndustry: Non-Profit / CharityNumber of users: 16Year installed: 2016 Business Problem God TV had major connectivity issues. They run live broadcasts through the internet but were unable to properly run their business on their existing 40mb line.   iConnect Solution iConnect advised and upgraded them to a much faster 100mb fibre line to… Continue reading God TV Africa Case Study

F.A.W.U Case Study

Region: Western CapeIndustry: Trade UnionNumber of users: 200Year installed: 2018 Business Problem The Food and Allied Workers Union (F.A.W.U.) needed an ICT solution that would cater for their far flung branches that take care of vulnerable farm workers and fisherman as well as branches in major centres. iConnect Solution Their Head Office, in the township… Continue reading F.A.W.U Case Study