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Connectivity into the Next Decade

Connectivity into the Next Decade

CEOs in South Africa and globally are spending time and energy thinking about advancements in connectivity for their businesses. They recognise it as the enabling force behind the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” otherwise known as, “The Digital Age”. They understand that without great connectivity, all digital platforms and business strategies are useless. 

So, which important questions should you be asking about connectivity as it applies to and exists in your business right now?  From changes in its delivery via 5G - to data security, storage and interpretation, there’s much to learn:

The most important questions to ask now include:

  • What connectivity standards should I realistically expect right now? 
  • How do I align my business platforms with the right connectivity provider?
  • 5G and data security – what’s key?
  • Are there other trends to put on the radar?

In 2019 quality connectivity is the difference between a business’ success or failure. All business application platforms need connectivity to be stable, reliable and earn back value for investment.

Naturally, in the future there will be more demand for real-time access and sharing of large amounts of data. This will be vital for a business that wants to remain relevant, competitive and optimally productive.

All the factors making a business agile and able to meet future demands, will hinge on good connectivity.

What connectivity standards should I expect right now?

In 2019, you should not be settling for less than what iConnect already delivers:

  • Reliability
  • High-speed
  • A secure network that guarantees a secure business
  • An uncapped network that allows unlimited data
  • Guaranteed bandwidth

Which connectivity is right for my business?

Fibre: Large Bandwidth, it’s reliable, secure and cost effective.

Licensed Wireless (Microwave): Can be rapidly deployed (put in place quickly), will offer national coverage, is reliable and secure. 

Mobile Data (LTE): Ultra-rapid deployment, can provide connectivity to remote locations where other coverage is minimal or a workforce which is constantly on the move.

Wi-Fi: Offers great high-speed, easy to use mobility within your business location, which can be managed and monitored remotely.

VPN/MPLS: Highly secure, can be accessed by employees you need to give access to, no matter where they’re working from.

5G, data security and other trends to watch

As a general trend, bandwidth usage is increasing. 5G enters the market with its faster and more robust network that should be able to better manage ever-growing business requirements. Global deployment is already underway, with mobile operators’ updating their networks to accommodate 5G’s capabilities of increased capacity, higher data rates and low latency.

With 5G will data security still be an issue?

Yes, because as more and more data is being shared, more and more quickly, the risk of it becoming corrupted or extorted is greater. This means data security will continue to be important and become even more a focus. So, clever businesses will treat client and vendor data like gold and begin putting proper security in place to protect it.

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