Key Account Manager

Position Objective

  • To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the delivery of a support service to our customers which exceeds their expectations in professionalism, solution provision and turnaround.
  • The purpose of an account manager:
  • To maintain the company's existing relationships with a client or group of clients, so that they will continue using the company for business.

Essential Job Functions

  • Customer Retention
  • Manage and solve conflicts with clients
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with client base
  • Identify new sales opportunities within existing accounts to remain a client-account manager relationship by up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Interact and coordinate with the sales team and other staff members in other departments working on the same account
  • Generate sales for a portfolio of accounts and assist in reaching the company's sales target.


Responsible for the management of sales, and relationships with particular customers. The account manager does not manage the daily running of the account itself. They manage the relationship with the client of the account(s) they are assigned to.Account managers serve as the interface between the customer service and the sales team in the company.They are assigned the company's existing client accounts. The purpose of being assigned particular clients is to create long term relationships with the portfolio of assigned clients.The account manager serves to understand the customer's demands, plan how to meet these demands, and generate sales for the company as a result.Account managers will receive handover from Project Managers once a new install has been completed and then proceed to manage the client relationship.


Though personality and ability to do sales is key, duties will include project management, coordination, strategic planning, relationship management, negotiation, leadership and innovative development of opportunities.



Able to earn trust in relationships with others by consistently demonstrating integrity (honesty, consistency, and reliability) and professional competence. Is squarely focused on helping others to achieve their agendas--their goals and aspirations. Always meets commitments.


Able to tune into other’s feelings, thoughts, and daily context. Acts in socially appropriate ways. Shows a genuine interest in other people. Asks good questions and listens keenly. Able to adjust and adapt social style and communications (e.g., pace, flow, focus of a presentation).

Selfless Independence:

Balances dedication to clients with objectivity and independence. Always acts in the client’s best interest (except when to do so would cause significant harm to the firm).Willing to say “no” or to disagree on important issues.

Executive Relationships:

Has a track record of building strong relationships with executive decision makers and influencers. Own Transport (Essential)

Training will be provided in the following areas but not limited to:

• Product

• Services

• Technical

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