7 Reasons why SA CEOs need to get with IoT.

Soon smart offices, cities, health, sport and other smart possibilities - not yet contemplated, across diverse industries - will become commonplace. And at our fingertips unbelievably fast. Thanks to IoT (the Internet of Things) and the connectivity (mostly wireless) that goes with it. Yet most medium to large businesses in South Africa across sectors like [...]

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Tarsus On Demand and iConnect SA offer SMEs complete collaboration, connectivity solution featuring Office 365

Cloud and solutions provider iConnect is partnering with Tarsus On Demand, one of South Africa's leading hybrid cloud enablement partners, to offer bundled connectivity and Microsoft cloud solutions to South African organisations. These offerings will enable businesses to acquire their productivity and connectivity solutions from a single provider. Tarsus On Demand is one of South [...]

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Intelligent Event WiFi Solutions

Intelligent Event WiFi Solutions As connectivity options advance and the roll out of fibre rapidly spreads across the county, free WiFi for guests at shops, events and conferences has become more of an expectation than a value added service. Millennials and non-millennials alike check available WiFi networks before they’ve even entered the venue and the [...]

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CliffCentral.com Testimonial

Being an online platform we rely heavily on fast, secure and reliable connectivity. With iConnect’s fibre we can ensure that our content uploads quickly, no matter if it’s podcast, video or live content. With the fast speed our staff have no trouble browsing the internet, using social media or watching videos. Being uncapped means we [...]

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My Broadband Convention 2017 – Wi-Fi sponsored by iConnect

My Sky Networks, in partnership with iConnect and Comsol, showed delegates at the 2017 MyBroadband Conference what world-class Wi-Fi looks like. The conference took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on 26 October, and is the largest event of its kind in South Africa. With thousands of IT executives and decision makers in one venue, it [...]

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Highest broadband speeds in South Africa

The highest speed recorded on the MyBroadband Speed Test server in September 2017 was from a University of Stellenbosch user who clocked 944Mbps. 228,407 speed tests were conducted on the MyBroadband Speed Test platform during the past month. MyBroadband’s HTML5 speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing [...]

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iConnect launches its new Business Wi-Fi Calling

iConnect Voice subscribers can now receive even more value on their VOIP service by making use of iConnect's Business Wi-Fi Calling, which officially launches this month. Wi-Fi Calling enables users to make and receive calls over any data network, using their mobile smartphone and iConnect's softphone app, essentially transforming their smartphone into a desktop phone [...]

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