Intelligent Event WiFi Solutions

As connectivity options advance and the roll out of fibre rapidly spreads across the county, free WiFi for guests at shops, events and conferences has become more of an expectation than a value added service. Millennials and non-millennials alike check available WiFi networks before they’ve even entered the venue and the socially obligatory event check-in occurs to ensure event attendance is “Facebook Official”.

If not managed correctly, the provision of free data can be costly which creates a degree of resistance, but what if the provision of free WiFi at an event or store benefitted the organisers/owners as much as it did the attendees and delegates? How, you may ask? Through the provision of real-time analytics and intelligence which can be used by event organisers to improve the event experience.

A joint venture between iConnect Telecoms, Comsol and MySky Networks has seen event WiFi being revolutionised to provide event organisers and sponsors with additional benefits over and above the provision of uncapped, reliable, fast WiFi and the subsequent attendee affinity for satisfying their need for connectivity. Benefits of this service for event organisers/sponsors include:

  1. Brandable Registration Portal

Once delegates/shoppers select the event WiFi network, they are directed to a landing page to register using as many or as few fields as possible. For most, delegate name, surname and email address will suffice but the portal is able to capture additional information including tick boxes to identify attendee type which can allow them to be redirected to different, relevant landing pages and content tailored accordingly. Different themes and layouts can be selected to align with event CI and the necessary T&C’s (as determined by event owner) are included as a mandatory field.

Furthermore, the portal allows for an image at the top and bottom of the registration page which can be used simply for event and sponsor logos and added as additional sponsor benefits OR event owners may sell this space as an additional source of event revenue.

  1. Database Development

The personal information collected through the registration process becomes the intellectual property of the event owner/sponsor and can be used for future marketing campaigns. Through the correct field selection in the registration form it also allow for more refined targeting and segmentation.

  1. Intelligence & Data Retrieval

A large amount of intelligence can be retrieved from those who connect (and even those who don’t) to the free WiFi. Data retrieved includes, amongst others:

  • Time Spent Connected to the WiFi (which can be aligned to time spent in the shop or at the event)
  • Average Data Usage
  • Busiest Days and Times for WiFi Consumption (more relevant for store and shopping centres) – enabling the store to manage capacity and staff requirements on certain days more accurately
  • Total Number of delegates/shoppers connected to the WiFi at any time
  • Device Type and Brand – enabling brands to tailor content accordingly
  1. Heat Maps and Layout

The provision of WiFi at events and stores requires the use of multiple WiFi Access Points throughout the venues and as delegates/shoppers move around the venue so their devices connect to the various points. Not only does this provide them with seamless, uninterrupted connectivity, but it also provides store/event owners with a heat map indicating shopper/attendee movements over time.

Apart from indicating the most popular or most frequented area in the store/venue, it also indicates most popular time (and day in the case of stores and events taking place over multiple days) for visitation. For event organisers – these heat maps can help with venue layout and planning – indicating whether any entry/exit gates, stages or toilet facilities were over or under-utilised and changes can be made to ensure congestion can be alleviated and the overall event experience improved.

  1. Operations and Media Connectivity

At almost all mass participation events it is crucial for the operations teams on the ground to be connected not only during the event, but during setup and breakdown as well. By providing a separate network for the ops team to connect to (on the same infrastructure used for the guest WiFi), event organisers can ensure that their connectivity will never be compromised no matter how many people connect.

Similarly, journalists and members of the media also require consistent, fast connectivity for live streaming and this is provided over the same WiFi networks as well. Due to the specific requirements of live streaming, the bandwidth is prioritised for this network to ensure connectivity is not disrupted.

For events with vendors and ticket sales on-site, multiple payment options are used – including mobile credit card machines, and typically an uplink of sorts is required. These uplinks normally rely on the GSM network which can become congested at events. With the WiFi infrastructure in place an independent, dedicated, secure network for all these devices can be provided to ensure greater reliability for suppliers.

So whilst consumers build brand affinity with your store or event through the provision of WiFi to pacify their need for connectivity, little do they know how much functional value they’re providing in exchange.

iConnect Telecoms along with MySky Networks and Comsol, have partnered with the Zando CPT 10’s and will be providing free WiFi for players and event attendees at the tournament taking place on 1 – 3 February 2018 at the Hamilton Rugby Club in Greenpoint.

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