iConnect Telecoms, the end-to-end communications and technology provider, has launched iConnect Unlimited, a new service which bundles voice and connectivity in one easy, convenient package. With this new bundled service, iConnect is offering customers a single provider and a single bill for all of their IT needs, eliminating the aggravation of managing multiple IT service providers and the costs that go with it.

iConnect Unlimited will include all the ICT services a company needs to effectively run their business. The service menu is simple but comprehensive, including IP telephone systems with handsets, switchboards and voice recording, business services such as e-mail, hosting and firewalls, connectivity services such as Internet breakout, and more.

iConnect’s CEO, Calvin Collett, says: “iConnect Unlimited means that businesses can source all of their ICT needs through a single service provider. On top of this, our services are as the name says: unlimited. That means unlimited data and unlimited voice calls per user, so businesses can continue to operate without worrying about top up charges and nasty surprises.

“Opting for a bundled voice and connectivity service takes the complexity out of managing ICT,” adds Collett. “Businesses will only have to deal with a single service provider, a single, dedicated contact, a single infrastructure and a single bill.”

The service offering also boasts full reporting via iConnect’s client portal and mobile application, making it easy to track calls, and trace and resolve failures. A pay-as-you-consume business model allows businesses to increase or decrease their services at the click of a button, offering scalability based on the company’s needs.

“iConnect offers redundancy on critical services, ensuring optimal stability and uptime on our services, says Collett. “iConnect Unlimited comes with a proactive Service Level Agreement (SLA), so we will often resolve a fault, or potential fault, before the customer even knows there is one, ensuring business processes flow uninterrupted. And if the customer picks up on a fault first and logs a call, they can rest assured knowing that they are speaking to the right people first time, without wasting precious time –  and money caused by loss of revenue – by calling service provider after service provider to confirm whose fault it is.”

So how does one sign up? Collett explains that iConnect does not provide set packages which may include services that a company will not need or use. An analysis of a business’s needs based on their number of users and operational requirements is conducted initially. After taking these into account, iConnect will structure a package containing all the recommended services for an efficient and smooth ICT service delivery, from which the customer can select, or deselect, the services they wish to use. Once signed up, a company’s ICT bases covered comprehensively, hassle free and simple.

“Companies no longer need to deal with the stress and financial strain of sourcing services from many vendors,” says Collett. “Having a huge ICT team simply to oversee and coordinate various service providers is a waste of resources that a company more than often does not need. So is the time it takes to resolve conflicting call outs and consolidate bills and reports. It makes sense for a company to leave these problems to a single service provider, allowing them to free up their time and resources to focus on the business itself.”

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