Voice: Here to grow and stay

Easier to leave a voice note It’s easier to pick up a phone than to type a message to someone. Without the personal connection provided by voice-to-voice interaction, business relationships would wilt. Think of those times when you just can’t face drafting another mail or typing another message. Essential to businesses Despite the huge range… Continue reading Voice: Here to grow and stay

Going Robotic – is it time?

Is it too soon to consider robotics for your business? If you know robotics are the future but can’t visualise yet how a robot could improve your business, you’re not alone.  Especially since most of us aren’t in the business of a) tracking life on the ocean floor; b) search operations or c) homing in on… Continue reading Going Robotic – is it time?

Data Security – Can South Africa Keep Up?

Can South Africa keep up? “Making data more secure and less penetrable is becoming part of expected business governance. The pressing question is can South Africa keep up with this?” says David Godfrey, CEO of iConnect.   Godfrey continues, “Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are snowballing automation and increasingly more things are becoming connected through technology. All… Continue reading Data Security – Can South Africa Keep Up?