Medical Billing Case Study

Region: GautengIndustry: Debt CollectionNumber of users: 35Year installed: 2018 Business Problem Medical Billing Solutions suffered from unstable calls, making their debt collection much more difficult.   iConnect Solution iConnect installed a VOIP system and provided fibre connectivity, thus running MBS’ Data and Voice on one line. This provided stable voice and savings on multiple connectivity… Continue reading Medical Billing Case Study

Data Security – Can South Africa Keep Up?

Can South Africa keep up? “Making data more secure and less penetrable is becoming part of expected business governance. The pressing question is can South Africa keep up with this?” says David Godfrey, CEO of iConnect.   Godfrey continues, “Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are snowballing automation and increasingly more things are becoming connected through technology. All… Continue reading Data Security – Can South Africa Keep Up?

Big Data Analytics: The Bad and Good

The Bad and the Good As our ability to collect more and more data grows, new learnings are also emerging. However are we taking these learnings on board quickly enough?   We know that businesses can now collect ever-growing quantities of data. When it is done well, big data collection and analysis can help identify… Continue reading Big Data Analytics: The Bad and Good