The system is reliable and user-friendly, the softphone application is a further cost saving with cellular call costs which is convenient for employees on the road.   David DesousaStore Operator Buco www.buco.co.za

Connectivity into the Next Decade

Connectivity into the Next Decade CEOs in South Africa and globally are spending time and energy thinking about advancements in connectivity for their businesses. They recognise it as the enabling force behind the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” otherwise known as, “The Digital Age”. They understand that without great connectivity, all digital platforms and business strategies are… Continue reading Connectivity into the Next Decade


Cliff Central is an online platform that relies heavily upon fast, secure and reliable connectivity. With iConnect’s fibre we can ensure that our content uploads quickly, no matter if it’s podcast, video or live content. With the fast speed, our staff has no trouble browsing the internet, using social media or watching videos. Being uncapped… Continue reading CliffCentral.com